Hi! I’m Mil,

I’m a portrait and lifestyle photographer most of the time…

I say that because I also love to travel and document locations I visit and people I meet by taking documentary style images. I started creating images when it was all about the film. I loved the film days and working in a dark room, but I have to admit, digital is so much quicker and sharing digital images on social media is better than carrying a wallet full of pictures. Now, our cell phones is where we keep those wallet pics.

I have to tell you, I am very energetic and I bring a positive attitude to every session, no matter what!

I have a passion for people photography, a genuine desire and ability to have my pictures reflect the personality of the individual. I’m enthusiastic about all things that have to do with photography and getting to know you artistically.

As an artist I believe it’s crucial to focus my efforts on developing a unique style that stands on its own and not follow the latest trends.

When shooting a photo session, I make every effort to create a fun, laid back environment to help make my clients feel as comfortable as possible.

I believe having an engaged, happy, comfortable subject results in great quality portraits.

I also believe attitude is contagious, therefore, I do my best to maintain a positive, energetic vibe during all my projects.

I’m so excited and can’t wait to meet you!


I’m a visual historian who documents not only the faces of the people in front of my camera, but also the emotions and connections to a specific moment in time.